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Paige Davidson

Intermittent Fasting Consultant & Mentor

Over 40 years of trying, and failing, every diet imaginable, Paige was at her wits end when she found she had dieted her way up to 315 pounds. Gastric bypass surgery in 2000 resulted in a large, but temporary, weight loss.

In 2019, back up to 249 pounds, Paige was finished with diets forever, and began her own personal health and wellness journey. By practicing intermittent fasting she has reached her health and weight loss goals, and is now successfully negotiating maintenance.

With an extensive professional background in teaching adult learners, and experience mentoring fasters in-person and virtually (both domestic and international) as an administrator and moderator for the 300,000+  member “Delay, Don’t Deny: Intermittent Fasting Support” Facebook group, Paige is uniquely qualified to guide you in taking your own personalized health and wellness journey, as you collaborate to develop your own personalized intermittent fasting practice.

featured in Woman's World Magazine

What People Say About Fasting With Paige

I have known Paige for 20 years, and we have shared many weight loss struggles together. When I saw what IF had done for her, I was amazed. And motivated. Paige taught me the essentials of IF and checks in often to keep me motivated and see if I have any questions. I can’t imagine a better IF coach.

David, Houston, TX, 55 years old

Paige is my supporter, my mentor, my coach. She has answered question after question, given advice when asked, pushed a little when needed, and her new Facebook page called The Fasting PAIGE is awesome! With IF I’ve lost around 45 pounds, but more importantly I’m doing an exercise program when I could hardly walk without help before IF. I’m off Metformin, decreased dosage of blood pressure meds, and no more daily pain meds for Arthritis. Paige is knowledgeable, caring, supportive and will celebrate your victories with you!

Virginia, London, KY, 76 years old

Your advice is awesome, thank you for that, and thanks for checking in on me.

Glenda, Ontario Canada, 48 years old

With Paige’s personal coaching support and enthusiasm, I am slowly becoming the person I should have been a long time ago.

George, Frankfort, KY, 57 years old

When I heard Paige’s interview on the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast with author Gin Stephens, it changed my life. I reached out to Paige and asked for help, and am blessed to have found such a genuine, caring, and savvy mentor and support to help guide me down my own newfound IF path to freedom!

Monique, Ottawa Canada, 48 years old

Paige has been a beacon of light and support for me during my IF journey. I have successfully eliminated 50+ pounds! Her constant encouragement, sharing of the knowledge, gentle understanding and guidance are invaluable tools for anyone’s success!

Tiffany, Dallas, TX, 45 years old